Pope Francis called up for a new political dialogue in Venezuela, which must happen under “very clear conditions”.
The highest authority in the Roman Catholic Church spoke last Saturday again about the Venezuela crisis, saying that the former leaders who intervened as mediators during the first meeting between the current government and the Opposition Party – Jose’ Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Spain), Martin Torrijos (Panama), and Leonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic) – are pushing for a new meeting.

“They are looking for the appropriate place”, said the Pope when asked about the Vatican’s position on the mediation by the journalists tagging along on his return from Cairo, Egypt.

“I believe that very clear conditions must exist, and some part of the opposition doesn’t want that. This is curious, that the same opposition party is divided, and on the other hand it seems that the conflict is escalating. There is however something moving, there is something moving” the Pope said.

His words are quite revealing if we think that, at the moment, the Vatican seems to be the only International power willing to put an end to the political (and human) disaster who is tearing Venezuela apart since last year. Are we to expect part of the Opposition Party to take over Maduro’s dictatorship? Unlikely. What could happen is perhaps a new “shuffle and ruffle” among the political parties which should create an honorable exit point that the actual leader could use to get away unharmed. The usual political compromise that should never happen but that could save lives and restore some order in the streets.

Compromises during a revolution is never an option, it can’t be if a new political model should be set up, thereby breaking the old pattern once and for all. But then again, time is a sensitive element, and what matters right now is to stop violence, abuses, and terror.

The first sort of dialogue between government and the opposition occurred last October, but the Opposition Party left the negotiations after 40 days when they realized Nicolas Maduro had no intention to respect any agreement.
At the end of January the mediators presented a proposal to reactivate the dialogue, but the opposition rejected it.
The Pope said that he knows about it, but that “It is in the air”, which means he knows a lot more than he is allowed to tell at this delicate moment.

“All that can be done for Venezuela must be done, but with the necessary guarantees” Pope Francis remarked.
Question is: what type of guarantees can be obtained if no other international leader is stepping up with a clear position trying to support the cause of the Venezuelans? The eyes of the world are focused on Syria and North Korea at the moment, but we should not forget that dramas happen not only in Geopolitical Zones of Interest. They can happen anywhere, and must receive equal consideration not only by the Church.

Source: https://maduradas.com/no-mas-farsas-el-papa-francisco-dice-que-nuevo-dialogo-debe-contar-con-condiciones-claras/